#11825 Taking a Deep Look at the IL Social Studies Standards
March 12, 2019

#11826 Student Self-Reported Grades

John Hattie’s much talked about research studies are powerful, but sometimes difficult to apply to the classroom. This hands-on workshop will provide strategies, tools and tips on how to quickly apply one of Hattie’s highest findings to improve student learning!

Student Self-Reported Grades

Children are the most accurate when predicting how they will perform.  Student self-reported grades strategy involves the teacher finding out what are the student’s expectations and pushing the learner to exceed these expectations. Once a student has performed at a level that is beyond their own expectations, he or she gains confidence in his or her learning ability.”

Come learn how to implement this strategy!

Note:Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE office to cancel (5) working days before the date of the program. BHS ROE CO-OP participants will be charged if they do not follow this same cancelation procedure.

Date:                       September 17, 2019

Time:                      4:00 – 7:00 PM

Location:                 BHS ROE – Atkinson, IL

Presenter:              Dara Carr

Audience:               K-12 Teachers and Administrators

Cost:                       $85.00

Hours:                    3

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