#11945 (TSS) Text Structure Strategies
October 24, 2019

#11952 Burnout Cure – Online Book Study

“How can you energize yourself to maintain or regain a positive outlook and love of teaching? What specific, immediate actions can you take to enhance your well-being and thrive both on and off the job?”

Come join us for a online book study that will certainly help fight the winter blues! “Award-winning teacher Chase Mielke draws from his own research, lesson plans, and experiences with burnout to help you change your outlook, strengthen your determination to be a terrific teacher, and reignite your core passion for teaching.” (ASCD, 2019) The kick-off session will be January 30 from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM at the BHS ROE.

Note:Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE office to cancel (5) working days before the date of the program. BHS ROE CO-OP participants will be charged if they do not follow this same cancelation procedure.

Date:                         January 30- March 5, 2020

Time:                        4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Location:                 BHS ROE – Atkinson, IL

Presenter:               Dara Carr

Audience:                Pre K-12 Teachers

Cost:                         $125.00

Hours:                      8

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