#11946 The Literacy Challenge: Reading to Learn Scaling the Reading/Writing Mountain
December 31, 2019
#11921 February LTC Meeting
August 26, 2019

#11958 K-2 Guided Reading

Do you want to make your literacy instruction more meaningful and effective for your students?  Guided reading is small group instruction in which a teacher supports and scaffolds each reader’s development of systems of strategic actions for processing new texts at increasingly challenging levels of difficulty. The goal of guided reading is for students to use these strategies independently on their way to becoming fluent, skilled readers. Come learn the ins and outs of assessing, grouping and teaching guided reading groups that will best meet the needs of the wide range or learners in your classroom.

Note:Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE office to cancel (5) working days before the date of the program. BHS ROE CO-OP participants will be charged if they do not follow this same cancelation procedure.

Date:                       February 20, 2020

Time:                      9:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Location:               BHS ROE – Atkinson, IL

Presenter:              Kate Kies

Audience:               K-2 Teachers and Administrators

Cost:                       $125.00

Hours:                    5

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