#12164 “What We Say and How We Say It Matter” Summer Online Book Study!

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March 10, 2021
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#12164 “What We Say and How We Say It Matter” Summer Online Book Study!

We all want our students to feel safe, collaborate well with others, feel ownership for their learning, and be joyfully engaged in their work. Nevertheless, many teachers end up using language patterns that undermine these goals. In What We Say and How We Say It Matter, Mike Anderson digs into the nuances of language in the classroom. This book’s many examples will help teachers examine their language habits and intentionally improve their classroom practice so their language matches and supports their goals.

Do you want to implement one thing next fall that will improve student learning and behavior?  Join us in this Book Study!  We will use Flipgrid as our platform.  It is laid out for you to read and respond to two short chapters each week of our 7-week book study. This resource will help you reflect on your current language practice and habits.  It will also provide practical, realistic, suggestions and strategies that you can implement immediately into your classroom next school year.  Let’s jump in so we can set ourselves and our students up for success! 

We will virtually kick this book study off on Monday, June 7, 2021:  Zoom Meeting 9-10 AM.

Book Study will run via Flipgrid from June 7- July 26, 2021.

Note:Refunds will be issued only to participants who call the ROE office to cancel (5) working days before the date of the program. BHS ROE CO-OP participants will be charged if they do not follow this same cancelation procedure.

Date:    June 7 – July 26, 2021         

Time:                      June 7 – 9:00-10:00 AM

Location:               Online via ZOOM

Presenter:              Kate Kies

Audience:              K-12 Teachers

Cost:                       $150.00

Hours:                   8

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