#12330 K-12 ART Workshop
February 2, 2022
#12335 The Happiness Advantage Book Study
February 3, 2022

#12332 Creating a Positive School Culture

In this session, we tap into the power of positive psychology for increasing staff and student engagement, enhancing SEL, and
tapping into people’s intrinsic motivations. Positive brains have a biological advantage over brains that are neutral or negative.
Based on the works of positive psychology researchers, Martin Seligman, Laurie Santos, Ed Diener, Shawn Achor and more, this
interactive workshop provides a long lasting approach to improving culture with your class and school.
Ming Shelby is a National Board Certified educator who has dedicated her career to inspiring students, teachers, and
administrators through learning experiences. Ming is currently the Director of Professional Learning in the suburbs of Chicago.
She is a TED-Ed, TEDx speaker and the host of the podcast Courage Up where she discusses how to move out of your comfort
zone and take action to greater fulfillment, success and happiness in your professional and personal life.

Date:    August 2, 2022

Time:        9:00AM-2:00PM

Location:               BHS ROE Atkinson, IL

Presenter:             Ming Shelby

Audience:              K-12 Teachers and Administrators

Cost:                       $150.00

Hours:                    4.5

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