#12373 Science of Reading in Action

#12374 PreK-2 Phonological Awareness, Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Summer workshop
March 25, 2022
#12372 Science of Reading SUMMER Book Study!
March 25, 2022

#12373 Science of Reading in Action

Join us in exploring how to apply the Science of Reading knowledge applies into our balanced literacy
classrooms. The Science of Reading aligns directly to the priority standards. Come learn, discuss, and share
what this will look like in our classrooms and how we will shift, tweak, remove and add to our current
practices. Let’s set ourselves and our students up for success for the next school year. If you’ve been a part of
the book winter or summer book study – bring your book! If you are new to Science of Reading then the book
above will be provided to you and will be yours to keep!

“The current emphasis on the body of research known as the “Science of Reading” has renewed the reading wars and raised challenging questions for balanced literacy teachers about the best way to teach reading. Instead of fueling the debate, Jan Burkins and Kari Yates have immersed themselves in the research and produced this concise and practical guide to integrating effective reading strategies from each perspective. Each chapter of Shifting the Balance focuses on one of the six simple and scientifically sounds shifts reading teachers can make to strengthen their approach to early reading instruction in these areas: Reading Comprehension, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, High-Frequency Words, Cueing Systems and Text Selection.”

Date:    August 4, 2022

Time:        9:00 AM-3:30PM

Location:              BHS ROE Atkinson, IL

Presenter:            Kate Kies

Audience:             K-3 Teachers and Administration

Cost:                     $150.00

For past Book Study Participants: Cost: $125

Hours:                   5

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