#12431 Teach More Music! Lessons Learned from 35 Years in Music Education
July 21, 2022
#12433 K-6 Online Book Study and Planning Workshop!
July 21, 2022

#12434 Teaching Littles to Use Their Voice!

We explicitly instruct our students to read, write and problem solve.  Teaching
students to effectively communicate is just as, if not more, important especially in
today’s technology driven world. In this workshop we will review our speaking
and listening standards.  We will talk about how building community and
developing authentic relationships is a vital key to a classroom that thrives on
meaningful conversations.  Meaningful conversations actively engage learners and
lead to higher achievement both academically and socially. Come learn the what,
why, and how in regards to implementing meaningful conversations into your
lower elementary classroom!

Audience: K-2 Teachers and Administrators

Presenter: Kate Kies

Location: Bureau, Henry, Stark Regional Office of Education #28. Atkinson, IL

Date: November 2, 2022

Time: 9:00AM-2:30PM

Professional Development Hours:  5

Cost: $150.00 

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