#12319 Math Talks for Grades 6-12

#12320 Why Are We Still Doing That?
December 30, 2021
#12318 Math Talks for Grades K-6
December 30, 2021

#12319 Math Talks for Grades 6-12

Students learn math by talking about math and by listening to their peers talk about
math.  Come explore how a variety of number talks (and Algebra and Geometry
talks) and related activities can be used in your classroom to generate math talk
and develop mathematical understanding.  These engaging and fun ideas and
resources can be used as daily routines, class warm-ups, or as parts of student-
based lessons.

Date:    March 23, 2022

Time:        9:00AM-2:30PM

Location:               BHS ROE

Presenter:             Dr. Robert Mann

Audience:              6-12 Teachers and Administrators

Cost:                       $125.00

Hours:                    5

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