#12338 Teaching ELA Standards

#12336 An Introduction to the Revised Illinois Social Studies Standards
February 4, 2022
#12337 Introduction to Transformative Writing Instruction
February 4, 2022

#12338 Teaching ELA Standards

Twelve years later and we are still working to implement the NEW standards through the same lens that
they were created and are currently being assessed.. Teacher clarity on the standards provides an
alignment to what students need to know and how teachers need to instruct so that the outcome produces
student mastery This workshop will bring clarity to teaching the ELA standards and will review updated
research on reading and writing.
Participants will leave with information and instructional practices that help clarify what students need to
know and be able to do in order to master grade level and content specific ELA standards. What a great
workshop to start your summer planning for the 2022-2023 school year.

Date:    June 8, 2022

Time:        9:00AM-2:00PM

Location:               BHS ROE Atkinson, IL

Presenter:             Dara Carr

Audience:              K-12 Teachers and Administrators

Cost:                       $125.00

Hours:                    4.5

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