#12359 3D Printing FUNdamentals

#12361 School Improvement
March 2, 2022
#12362 The Robots are Coming! Integrating Robotics Across the Curriculum
March 3, 2022

#12359 3D Printing FUNdamentals

Is your school district wanting to add 3D printing to the curriculum? Does your district currently
have 3D printers that are just not being used effectively in the classroom? Are you wanting to
take your tech integration to the next level? Join us for an informative, hands-on session where
you will be able to experience the basics of 3D printing and 3D printers. Don’t forget your laptop
for this 8-hour deep dive into this amazing technology spread over two days. We will explore the
fundamentals of 3D printing, the software and apps needed for successful printing, the best
printers for education, how to plan for a 3D printing space, and some curriculum integration
essentials. 3D printing has SO many real-world, practical applications and can be easily
integrated at any grade level across the curriculum… Come see how!

Date:    July 14-15, 2022

Time:        9AM-1PM

Location:               BHS ROE

Presenter:             Joe Cipfl

Audience:              K-12 educators

Cost:                       $35.00

Hours:                    8

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