#12366 Administrator Academy #2001 Prequalification Training for Teacher Evaluators

#12365 Administrator Academy #2000 Prequalification Training for Principal Evaluators
March 7, 2022
#12364 Administrator Academy #3000 Teacher and/or Administrator Evaluator Retraining: Student Growth
March 7, 2022

#12366 Administrator Academy #2001 Prequalification Training for Teacher Evaluators

Through a face-to-face training experience that includes multiple opportunities for
prospective evaluators to practice evaluator competencies, including an improved
component on providing effective feedback to teachers through conferencing, trainees
will learn the ins and outs of Professional Practice and Student Growth evaluation. There
is a requirement of two to four hours of individual pre-work and learning prior to
admittance to a two-day face-to-face training. There is also a required post-training
assessment of each individual’s ability to meet state evaluator competencies, completed
by the individual in person in front of the training’s provider. Successful completion of
this training, along with passage of the post-training assessment, fulfills the mandatory
initial qualification needed in order to evaluate teachers in the State of Illinois.

Date:    July 25 and 26, 2022

Time:        8:30 AM-4:00PM

Location:               BHS ROE Atkinson, IL

Presenter:             Patrick Durley

Audience:              Teacher Evaluators in Need of Initial Training

Cost:                       $400.00

Hours:                    AA Credit

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