#12416 Student Motivation Myths and Facts
July 13, 2022
#12418 Teaching Data Analysis in Every Subject
July 14, 2022

#12417 The Self-Paced Classroom

The modern students’ needs vary more than ever before. Some students rapidly devour
material while others are catching up from their COVID learning experiences. Self-Paced
Learning teaches students self-regulation and self-confidence, allowing for SEL
supported instruction and differentiation in the classroom. It also paves the way for
Mastery Grading. In this workshop, we will explore how to integrate self-pacing into your
classroom without lowering your expectations or reinventing your coursework. Participants
should bring a laptop and a unit they are interested in adapting.

Audience: 6-12 Teachers and Administrators

Presenter: Marisa Romanelli

Location: Bureau, Henry, Stark Regional Office of Education #28. Atkinson, IL

Date: September 8, 2022

Time: 9:00AM-2:30PM

Professional Development Hours:  5

Cost: $150.00 

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