9-17-24—#12778 Teaching Writing in Small Groups
March 25, 2024
9-10-24—#12799 Cybersecurity Incident Response Workshop
May 2, 2024

9-12-24— #12817 Instructional Practices for Engaging Students in the NGSS

Date: September 12, 2024

The workshop will demonstrate how the Next Generation Science Standards can be used for developing appropriate lesson plans that align your assessments, lesson objectives, and the instructional practices within your grade level while consideration is paid to the progression to the next grade level. Conceptual understanding of content, assessment, and instructional practices will be tied to both the Science and Engineering Practices and the Crosscutting Concepts.

Audience: K-8 Teachers

Presenter: Dr. Abha Singh

Location: Bureau, Henry, Stark Regional Office of Education #28. Atkinson, IL

Time: 9:30AM-3:00PM

Professional Development Hours:  5

Cost: $150.00 

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