7-31-24—#12759 Empowering Students: Creating Agency
March 8, 2024
7-29-24—#12774 Career Ready Adults: Employability Essentials
March 20, 2024

7-30-24— #12770 Your AI Assistants: AI Tools To Make Life Easier

Date: July 30, 2024

This workshop introduces educators to AI tools designed to streamline teaching tasks. Participants will learn how to integrate AI into lesson planning, grading, and student engagement, making their workload more manageable. We will aim to equip teachers with practical skills to enhance their teaching methods through technology using tools like Google Gemini, Magic School AI, Canva’s Magic Studio, and more! Join us for a full day of learning specific AI tools that can help you!

Audience: K-12 Teachers and Administrators

Presenter: Ben Sondgeroth

Location: Bureau, Henry, Stark Regional Office of Education #28. Atkinson, IL

Time: 9:00AM-2:00PM

Professional Development Hours:  4.5

Cost: $40.00 

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